I'm New Here.

I'm new Here

Gil's new album "I'm New Here" is out now.
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As well as being a highly influential and widely admired singer, proto-rapper, jazz pianist and socio-political commentator, Gil Scott-Heron is also a published author and poet whose writing has won him international acclaim. In tandem with the launch of the new album this spring, Canongate are publishing new editions of his two seminal works, The Vulture and The Nigger Factory.

The Vulture

Just who did kill John Lee and why?
First published in 1970 and digging the rhythms of the street, where the biggest deal life has to offer is getting high, THE VULTURE is a hip and fast-moving thriller. It relates the strange story of the murder of a teenage boy called John Lee – telling it in the words of four men who knew him when he was just another kid working after school, hanging out, waiting for something to happen.

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The Nigger Factory

‘A biting social satire’ Daily Express

The Nigger Factory is a scornful statement on the way in which human beings are conditioned to think.

On the campus of Sutton University, Virginia, the students are trying to carry forth the message of reconstruction to a university resistant to change. The failure of the Sutton to embrace the changing attitudes of the Sixties has necessitated extreme action and the revolution is nigh.

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